5 Successful Ways How I Run My Blogging Business Off The Grid

As a blogger, you know how important it is to stay connected and be able to share your content with the world. But what if I want to take my blogging business off the grid?

People often ask me how I manage to balance running a blogging business, working a full-time job, and still completing all of my other household chores.

The truth is, there are many ways to run your blogging business off the grid. Over the years, I’ve developed a few strategies that keep me productive and running my blog without having to be constantly plugged in.

What is an Off-Grid Lifestyle?

An off-grid lifestyle is about living without reliance on public utilities. This can mean anything from living without electricity to not using the internet or even a cell phone.

Off-grid lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular as people explore alternative ways of connecting with the world and still being productive.

Being off-grid does not mean that my life stops or that I am unable to run my blog. In fact, it has allowed me to become even more productive and efficient than ever before.

I heavily rely on solar power for the majority of my power. Why is that? Because by relying less on public utilities, I am able to run my blogging business off the grid and still have access to the power that I need to keep my blog up and running.

Here are five ways I successfully run my blogging business off the grid.

5 Successful Ways How I Run My Blogging Business Off the Grid

Stable Internet Connection

Just because I live off the grid doesn’t mean I don’t have access to the internet, even if I am located in a remote area. Internet is important to running my own blog!

Public Wi-Fi spots can serve as a good option for accessing the internet. I have discovered that local coffee shops, libraries, and even McDonald’s offer free Wi-Fi, which allows me to post my blog content when I need it.

Finding hot spots also allows me to access Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and Email from anywhere. This makes it easy to share my files with virtual team members or potential partners.

Now, if I need to use the internet for a longer period of time, then I opt to purchase an affordable mobile hotspot. This way, I can stay connected while I’m on the go and traveling.

A mobile hotspot is useful when I don’t have an internet connection or when conducting my blogging business outside of the home.

Managing My Time Appropriately

One of the biggest challenges I have when running my blog business off the grid is managing time and making sure all tasks are completed. I’ve found that breaking down my tasks into manageable chunks and scheduling them around particular days or times helps me stay on track and less overwhelmed.

For example, my Mondays are dedicated to researching content to write about and sending out emails. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually when I work on writing my new blogs.

Thursdays are left open for catching up on emails and posting new blogs.  And Fridays are my days for updating existing content and replying to the latest emails. 

I find it more productive and easier to stay on track with my blogging business when I manage my time in smaller sections instead of trying to manage my whole day.

This routine helps me stay organized and manage both my blogging business tasks and daily household tasks on a weekly basis.

Research Research,  Research

Properly conducting my research for my blogging business gives me more free time for other activities. I’m spending an average of 3-4 hours per week on this task. 

Which specific research am I referring to?

The research I’m referring to includes SEO research, competitor research, and new trending blog reports. This helps me stay ahead of the competition by keeping track of what content my audience likes to read and watching for any changes in keyword rankings.

However, this research requires an internet connection, so locating a public Wi-Fi hotspot is crucial. I do however use a wireless hotspot occasionally and connect my solar generator to it. With the solar generator, I am able to charge my laptop and conduct research using the Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time.

After my research is all done, I can go back and relax at home and begin my writing. 

Simplify My Content Production

When it comes to creating content, I don’t try to overcomplicate things. You don’t need to be on the computer all day long creating and publishing content. Instead, simplify your production process by outsourcing some of the work.

I hire a freelance designer to create images and graphics. This allows me to devote more time to writing, editing, and conducting SEO research, which are more demanding tasks.

One important piece of advice I can offer is to be cautious when choosing someone to freelance your work to. In the past, I have lost time and money because I hired a freelancer unsuitable for my content needs.

Additionally simplifying your content production is scheduling my blog posts in advance. This means I can plan ahead and schedule my blog posts so they are posted when I’m not online.

Having an offline plan for my blog business has been highly beneficial and made it easier to stay productive while I’m on the go. This offline plan allows me to focus on tasks that are more time-consuming and helps me stay organized.

5. Visualizing My Future Goals

The last thing I do to stay productive off the grid is to visualize my future goals. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I like to take a step back and remind myself why I started this blog business in the first place. Visualizing my future goals helps me maintain focus on the larger picture rather than getting stuck in the details.

I also use visualization techniques to get creative ideas for my blog business and come up with new content ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. 

I often imagine my ideal lifestyle as being a full-time blogger and being able to support myself through it.

The Importance of Strategic Planning for Blogging Off Grid

Although I have a system in place to help me stay productive off the grid, it’s still important to take time to plan and strategize. This is what will make sure I’m able to stick with my goals and turn my blog business into a successful venture.

I like to use goal-setting, strategic planning, and visualization techniques to stay motivated and on track with my blog business. I have found that planning ahead helps me be productive and make the most of my time when I’m not connected to the internet.

We all have a goal in mind, and my planning strategies are going to be different than yours. Being off the grid is a completely different lifestyle than let’s say living outside a large city. You still have plenty of options to drive to the city and get what you need without much hassle.

Wrapping Up!

I want to share a brief story explaining why I persist in containing my blogging business. Back in the summer of 2020, I started a new blogging website. I knew nothing about blogging so I was very anxious about whether or not I would be successful.

Between the summer of 2020 and the fall of 2022, I did not earn any money whatsoever, including affiliate commissions. I had to get rid of my old blog because the expenses of maintaining it, such as hiring a writer, became too high. I spent a significant amount of time and money, amounting to hundreds of hours and over $10,000, but unfortunately, the teachings I received were incorrect and not useful.

I did not give up and started a new blog after that. I was determined to create a successful blogging business.

I began learning as much as I can about blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. I invested my time and energy into developing a successful blogging business model and worked hard every day to make it grow. Currently, I am blogging part-time about my off-grid experiences, the tools I use, and the knowledge I have acquired.

These five strategies mentioned above have helped me become successful in running my blogging business off the grid. They are great tools for any digital nomad or blogger who wants to run their business without being constantly plugged in. 

It’s also important to remember that even though I may be disconnected from the grid, I can still access opportunities and achieve success with my blogging business.

Author Bio:

Peter Heinzl is an off-grid nature enthusiast and part-time blogger. He is passionate about sharing his off-grid lifestyle with other aspiring bloggers who are looking for ways to stay productive off the grid. While running his blog business remotely, he has spent a lot of time outdoors. You can visit his blog at peterheinzl.com.

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