How to Start Your Very Own T-Shirt Blanket Business

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Do you have a creative side and a love for entrepreneurship?

If so, then starting your own T-shirt blanket business may be the perfect venture for you!

T-shirt blankets are a new and unique way to keep warm, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

In this article, we will discuss what a T-shirt blanket is and the steps necessary to get started with manufacturing and selling them as a business.

So if you’re ready to start creating these awesome keepsake blankets for others, keep reading!

What is a T-Shirt Blanket?

A T-shirt blanket is a dream come true for those of us who never want to give up our favorite garments!

By taking a collection of old tees, vintage band shirts and memorable team jerseys to name but a few, it’s easy to whip up a super snugly craft project that will provide maximum coziness between its stylish folds.

Whether it’s for lounging in front of the TV or camping out under the stars, this unique blanket is sure to become a favorite and a go-to source of comfort in no time!

Reasons You Need to Know the Steps to Starting your Own T-shirt Blanket Business

If you’re wanting to strike out and open your own T-shirt blanket business, then you must be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Knowing the steps it takes to get a successful business off the ground is perhaps one of the most important elements.

From setting up an online store, gathering materials, creating a marketing plan, setting prices and manufacturing the blankets themselves – all of these are essential points to know before getting products out there in the world.

Doing all this can seem daunting, but just remember that others have done it before you!

With the right knowledge and dedication, your new business could become something unique and amazing, so without further delay, let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Start your Own T-Shirt Blanket Business

Starting a t-shirt blanket business from the ground up was no easy feat – but let me tell you, it has been so worth it in the end!

There were days I felt like tossing my sewing machine against the wall and giving up.

But with determination and creative problem-solving, I have been able to see success and can now pass on my knowledge and unique process to others.

The following steps will have you sewing up a storm in no time!

1: Choose the Style of Blanket

2: Source Wholesale Materials

3: Price your Products

4: Write a Business and Marketing Plan

5: Set up your E-Commerce Store and Social Media Accounts

6: Find out what Licenses/ Business registrations you need to Obtain

7: Outsourcing

1: Choose the Style of Blanket

When it comes to making keepsake blankets, you are spoiled for choice – from intricate and detailed designs which require a lot of skill and dedication, to the simple but beautiful symmetrical patterns that can come together faster than you can say ‘bedspread’!

Go ahead and pick one that suits your time and talents – after all, no matter which style you choose, someone will still be getting a cozy (but fabulously fashionable!) blanket!

I would suggest starting with something a little simpler like symmetrical even squares that require less time and skill, and once you are comfortable cutting up your client’s sentimental tees, progress onto something more complicated.

Offering a simple and affordable option to clients will always be a great way forward.

It will allow you to turn around projects quickly, profitably, and is also easy to teach others the skills needed to help you once your business is ready to scale.

Tip: Practice, Practice, Practice! Use your own outgrown shirts or pick some up from the local thrift store so that you can perfect your skill.

2: Source Wholesale Materials

One of the most time-consuming and important parts of running a memory blanket business is sourcing high-quality, affordable wholesale fabrics and materials.

Thanks to the variety of vendors available online and offline, you can find all the specialized and hard-to-find fabrics to make your blankets extra special.

Carrying out a simple Google Search and calling around a few suppliers in your area will help you find the perfect and affordable fit for your business.

3: Price your Products

Now you know exactly what type of blanket you would like to create, the time it’s taken to manufacture the product along with the cost of materials involved, you can now set your pricing.

Always carry out market research of competitors and take that into consideration when setting prices- after all, you want to make sure you are not priced too high or low and put customers off purchasing from you.

There are many pricing guidelines online, but ultimately you need to decide what works for you and your business to ensure that you remain viable are profitable.

4: Write a Business and Marketing Plan

As with starting any business, having the right planning and marketing strategy can ensure success.

Nailing down a solid identity, logo, design and strategy right off the bat is essential – think of it like a roadmap to show where everything stands and what you can expect from your business.

By following a plan, it can keep you engaged and excited about investing in your idea.

You don’t want to be out there flapping in the wind without any direction – make sure every part of your business plan is finely tuned before you launch.

At first, focus on a mission statement and defining who you are as a business.

Brainstorm logos and designs that truly capture the essence of what your t-shirt blankets represent – maybe something classic or trendy?

Finally, you want to develop an effective advertising plan that reaches out to targeted customers.

Once it’s all said and done, turn those ideas into action for your memory blanket business success.

5: Set up your E-Commerce Store and Social Media Accounts

Setting up an e-commerce store for your business may seem like a huge task, but if you attack it one step at a time, you can create a great, user-friendly site to start driving traffic to.

To get started, first figure out what kind of web hosting provider is right for you and your budget.

You’ll need to build or purchase an online store, using either an existing theme or designing your own custom look.

Take the time to determine payment setup, website security protocols, inventory tracking systems and customer service policies.

Once you get all these elements in place and running smoothly, you’ll be ready to welcome customers to your store from the far corners of the internet – with missions completed!

When it comes to Social Media, it can be a great way to sell your products.

Ensure you take the time to set up accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok etc. With the right approach, you can get real results!

The key is to show your authentic self – that’s what people go to social media for, after all.

Let your customers see who they’re buying from and let them in on your creative process.

People buy from people, so make sure you engage with your followers on a personal level and build genuine relationships with the people who are supporting you.

After all, we all just want to connect with each other!

6: Find out what Licenses/ Business registrations you need to Obtain

Taking the time to properly obtain all necessary business licenses play a crucial role in running a successful business.

Neglecting to do so can result in a myriad of headaches, including fines and potential legal action.

It is important to view the process as an investment rather than an unwanted expenditure; spending time and money on getting the right business licenses NOW will protect you from hassles later down the road.

Plus, there’s something deeply satisfying about proudly displaying your shiny new license in your office!

7: Outsourcing

Starting a t-shirt blanket business can be an exciting venture, but it can also become overwhelming when it grows and starts to become too large for one person to manage.

To avoid becoming a slave to your own dream, consider the possibility of scaling your business by outsourcing certain tasks such as sewing, marketing, or even customer service.

The cost of outsourcing these tasks will not only allow you to save time and energy, but could also put money right back into your pocket if done properly.

Don’t stress out over the small stuff when you can delegate the tedious work to someone else! Scaling up your t-shirt blanket business might just be the key to success.

Key Considerations For Successfully Starting your own T-Shirt Blanket Company

If you’ve got a vision of successfully starting your own keepsake blanket company and leaving the rat race behind, it’s important to carefully consider a few things before setting up shop.

Consider the cost of materials and production, as well as start-up capital.

Applying for the necessary licenses or permits is also an important step in being able to legally produce and sell t-shirt blankets.

Additionally, you’ll want to educate yourself on basic business fundamentals such as budgeting, marketing, pricing models, financing and customer service.

If you don’t have these skills already, look into workshops or mentorships that can teach you what you need to know — after all, knowledge is power!

Lastly, make sure that your product is something that customers want enough to purchase; otherwise you might find it difficult to stay afloat in today’s competitive landscape.

With the right planning, dedication and hard work, your dreams of running a successful memory blanket company can come true!

Taking it to the Next Level: T-shirt Blankets to Keepsake Quilts

Once you have perfected creating T-shirt Blankets, you can absolutely level up by learning to create T-shirt quilts.

T-shirt Quilts and t-shirt blankets can look quite similar, but there are key differences between them.

A t-shirt quilt generally utilizes batting in between the layers throughout the piece and also features binding around each edge and finally, quilting is often used to keep batting from shifting.

This style is much more intricate, but also opens up more opportunities to charge higher prices and become more creative with your designs.

Alternatives to Personally Sewing T-Shirt Blankets for your Business

If you’re looking for a way to turn a profit but don’t even want to think about having to sew blankets yourself or learning all sorts of new production techniques, you might want to consider the lucrative opportunities presented by outsourcing the manufacturing of T-Shirt blankets from the very start.

All you need is some imagination and an idea of what kind of t-shirt blanket design would really capture your customer’s eye!

You still get to be the creative genius behind it all and watch your product line grow into something truly special – without taking on any of the tedious practical considerations.

It’s one way to make sure that your business keeps money in your pocket without sacrificing precious creative control or time!

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Starting a T-Shirt Blanket

I hope that this article was helpful, and you feel confident in taking the next steps to make your memory blanket business a reality.

After spending more than 10 years helping people from all over the world get creative with their cherished memories, I can confidently say that it is certainly possible.

And better yet – it’s fun! I truly believe that there is nothing quite like seeing treasured items transformed into something unique and beautiful to bring joy to someone

So here’s to your success, enjoy every second of this truly unique experience

If you would like to learn more about me, check out my recent article, which shows you my step-by-step guide on how to create a memory blanket.  

– happy sewing!


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