5 Tips for Effective Networking


All business is done through relationships! This article will discuss the art of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships! The world literally opens up when you learn effective networking and build up your connections. There’s always someone you’re able to turn to for everything from a new job to business, investment, etc.

The world runs like an ecosystem. “Don’t teach a man to fish, teach one man to make the hook, another to make the line, and another to make the bait.” One person can only master so much, so by meeting other people doing cool things, you will be able to acquire skills from similar industries!

1: Network With Who?

1. Successful people – A person of higher social status and aspirational accomplishments.

2. Peers – Those who are at the same level as yourself.

3. Lower status – People who have great qualities but are newer to an industry.

You will come in contact with three types of people and it’s important to know how to separate them. Spending time with all three types of people is crucial. Someone who is successful will be able to guide you through tough times and allow you to maneuver around industry roadblocks. Your peers will keep you motivated and are helpful to share ideas and new information with. Lower status people are important because you can transfer knowledge to them that will help you deeply understand it yourself.

2: Mentors


An important part of networking is finding individuals in your industry who are far ahead of where you are! These people can be hard to come across and are a key difference between having success. You must come up with some value and not just take from these people. Be creative with this but a few good examples are podcasts, friends of friends, and offering your expertise for free.

3: Hosting

Building relationships with people who are more successful than yourself can be hard. What value can you offer someone who’s further ahead than you are? 

Access to a company or person that would benefit them? 

Expert tip: host an event! By throwing together an event, you get to put yourself in a leadership position. By putting yourself in a host position, you will already have perceived value, and it will be much easier to build connections! A few different ideas to do this are hosting a party, networking event, or my favorite a poker game! Poker games are great because it gives everyone something to do and takes some of the pressure off and all you need are poker chips

4: Access

Where do you meet people you want to connect with? There are many places you can meet amazing people, whether online or in person! Check out your industry conferences, LinkedIn, and personal connections. While you’re doing this, always keep in mind “you never know who someone else knows, they could have connections to the president!” 

5: Cross Industry


If you’re in Real Estate it’s important you know people in your industry. It’s also important to know people who are not in your industry. For example, wouldn’t it be useful to know a marketing expert? A marketing expert would be able to advise you with new strategies, help with ads, and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Imagine how helpful this would be to any business. At the same time you can help them out with Real Estate to return the favor!

Wrap Up

Networking is one of the best ways to excel in life. Having a great network will get you in doors that are shut to everyone else. Along with networking you will meet mentors that are where you want to be in life! Along with everything else you need to put effort in and practice to get good! I hope this article highlighted areas you can improve and brought some new perspectives. 

Author Bio:

Marley is a startup founder and pro poker player from Seattle. He writes personal insights around business and travel on his blog at Marleyluker.com

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